Where we help? Read below.

We work with the Orionine Sisters

Our foundation cooperates with the congregation of the Orionine Sisters. Our work began in Poland, where we helped in the Home of Single Mother. It was there, we saw how they worked and we could get to know them better. Later, Klaudia Zielińska began her missionary adventure with the Sisters. Ukraine was the first, then Kenya. That's how it was :).


Kenya - a beautiful country full of contrasts. On one hand, amazing nature, savannas, mountains and the ocean, and on the other extreme poverty. People who live here struggle with the lack of water, food and, above all, education. That's why in Kenya we started with the project of building a school in the savannah among the Samburu tribe. We believe that education is a real help for children and an opportunity for a better future.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast - equally poor country where the lack of education shook us the most. Almost 60% of the population is considered illiterate here. No one knows the true statistics, because another problem is the lack of money for registering children (many people formally do not exist, do not have any identity document). This is where we run the Adoption project at a distance, and we also support the gynecology and obstetrics hospital run by the Sisters' congregation.


Tanzania - recently the Sisters were invited by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Tabora to open a new institution. For now, the Sisters serve lepers in the village, where they share their love with the most poor.