Project description

The project aims to support specific children by ensuring they have access to food, education, and medical care. We seek to alleviate poverty by providing a better start in life for children and their families facing difficult material circumstances. This act of solidarity guarantees financial assistance to African children, enabling their personal and spiritual development. Through this form of aid, children from less privileged families will have the opportunity to grow in a secure environment.

The issue of education is currently at the forefront of efforts in all countries aware that ensuring conditions for sustainable development primarily relies on knowledge. Access to education remains a true hope for a better future. However, millions of children in Africa are completely deprived of this opportunity.

Therefore, it is crucial and important to remove all barriers that hinder access to school or vocational education for youth in difficult situations, with special consideration for orphans, street children, disabled children, children affected by HIV/AIDS, and children from large families. Ensuring children's right to education is our priority.

The duration of remote adoption is indefinite and lasts until the child completes school. Children begin their education at different ages, so there is no specified age for completing their education.


Named Adoption

The monthly cost of named adoption is 180 PLN and applies to children from preschool, primary school, secondary school, vocational school, and technical school. This fee supports a specific child and covers expenses such as food, official registration (preparation of birth certificate, as many children are born outside hospitals and lack identity!), medical care, medical insurance, school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and textbooks, which are mandatory in every school. The person who adopts a child will receive their history and photo, as well as at least annual updates on the child’s current situation.

Surprisingly, education is very expensive in Tanzania. The quality of state schools is so low that after researching it, the Sisters decided that only education in private schools would be effective. This is a very common phenomenon in African countries.

The average monthly income of a full-time employee (Ivory Coast) is 320 PLN! We are aware that the total cost of adoption is high, so there are 3 different ways to support a child:

60 PLN per month – the child has 3 adoptive parents

90 PLN per month – the child has 2 adoptive parents

180 PLN per month – the child has only one adoptive parent

Unnamed adoption involves supporting the most needy child at any given time. The Sisters decide which child needs support. This project does not assign a specific child. Funds from unnamed adoption are used for medications, food, medical consultations, etc. The monthly cost of unnamed adoption is flexible.


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