adoption at a distance
Adoption at a distance
new mission in Tanzania
New challenge
New mission in Tanzania
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We build a school
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You can help many people by giving little. See our projects.

How can You help? See below.

Become a volunteer

Zostań wolontariuszem

If you are keen to work, you have a great desire to help – write to us. Perhaps our paths will merge!


What do our donors say? See below.

The conditions in which children live in Africa are unimaginable to us. Therefore, the awareness that we can help even one child, provide opportunities for a better life and thus slowly contribute to the development of your state, completely speaks for the fact to add to your brick.

Gosia & Piotrek

I help, because I like to share what I have. There is no greater philosophy behind this. I think that it should be natural for each of us that we help someone disinterestedly, if you see that she needs it.


The thought of taking an adoption accompanied me a few months before it was taken. I just felt that I should do it. After a few months of regular help I feel a spiritual bond with this boy, I know that these are the best money spent in my life. Francois is in my heart, belongs to my family.


Is it worth helping?
Yes! Bringing help to another person always brings mutual benefits.
You can learn a lot from children who are literally missing everything.


While doing so little, I saw something great – love and joy!
Small gestures can create great works.


Going to Africa does not make me feel like I’m on a mission.
I’m going to a place where I feel good,
where, despite appearances, I take more than I give,
because after every trip I come back being a little different man,
learn something new.


I’m helping:
because I like
because it is good
because I believe it makes sense
because help is needed
because African babies are mega cute
because the awareness that my so little,
can mean a lot to someone