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We built a school!

A school for children from the Samburu tribe.

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“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” – Albert Schweitzer


God is our inspiration, which is evident from our name, as we openly identify with Him. We believe He is the creator and originator of this work. Therefore, He holds the foremost place in our organization.

Boże Atelier Foundation focuses on helping the poorest. Our initial project is distance adoption in Ivory Coast. We aim to provide aid where it is most needed.

The idea of founding the Foundation arose while we were volunteering on a mission with our Sisters of Orion. The poverty we witnessed deeply touched our hearts, leaving an indelible impression. Hence, the Foundation was established as an effective tool to transform aspirations of helping into tangible support. Even small gestures and minor assistance are of great significance.

Our primary project is distance adoption because it offers local children opportunities. It enables them to access education and later secure regular employment. This represents a chance to break the cycle of poverty. We believe that fundamental grassroots efforts will lead to social change. Each educated person adds one more opportunity for a better world.

Our team - Sisters in the Service of Good

Sister Alicja

Sister Alicja - For the past ten years, Sister Alicja has been serving the poorest in Kenya. Her actions and initiatives have already helped many in need. Always cheerful, eager to work and act, but one cannot fail to mention her big heart, which is open to everyone. It's a real pleasure to collaborate with her.

Sister Silvina - She knows everything and handles every situation brilliantly. She manages the hospital and employs over 70 people! She's an expert in providing help, akin to using a proverbial fishing rod. We admire her courage and efficiency. She is also very caring, and it's thanks to her that the hospital is open to the poorest.

Sister Silvina
Sister Bożena

Sister Bożena - Three years ago, she was sent to Ivory Coast and there God touched her heart. When she was in Poland and told us about the difficult situation of the mission she is in, it ignited our hearts to work. Sister wants to help the poorest and her heart is with them. She is the mission superior in Anyama, on the outskirts of the capital Abidjan.

The Board

Anna Sabała

The president of the foundation

Klaudia Kurowska

The vice president of the foundation

Michał Sabała

a board member

Kamil Kurowski

a board member


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