Chip In Kenia 2018


September 2018 means for us the fourth consecutive year when we spend our holidays in Kenya. Instead of lying in a resort, we choose the option of helping others. It all started modestly when in 2015 we only went to visit the children we had previously adopted, while organizing a small collection of clothes and school supplies. This was our first stay in this part of Africa and only on the spot we understood the huge scale of the problem: lack of food due to drought, lack of funds to pay for school (illiteracy in Kenya is as high as 22%), children’s health problems (worms afflicting their body, due to hunger or lack of hygiene). We could talk forever, but instead of talking, we prefer to act!

At the beginning of 2018, we collected PLN 32,500 needed to build a school in the savannah. Being in Kenya, we report everything live via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to this, you can see exactly how we use the money you gave us. This year, we raise the bar, and our goal is PLN 100,000. We believe that thanks to your support we will be able to realize it together with you. Together with the God Atelier Foundation, we do not charge a zloty. The full amount we will collect will go to the needy.

The main goals of our collection are::

We believe that education is the most powerful weapon we can give these children. Thanks to it, they can develop, plan their future and educate people in their environment. For the collected money, we will be able to buy supplies of books and pay a school year to a huge group of children.

Food, especially during periods of drought, is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Being on site, we buy tons of cereal, beans, rice, etc. and distribute during visits to schools, private homes. To our place of residence come the poorest, who can overcome even 30 kilometers to get any food.

Most of the clothes and shoes that children wear are in a deplorable condition, which is why we do some large shopping at the huge bazaar in Nairobi so that we can distribute them later on visits to the poorest families.

This year, together with us, Kenya has 2 additional people that you all know from YouTube or television. Thanks to them our collection will become famous, and our goal – PLN 100,000 – will become even more real! On September 20 at 17:00 we will announce who they are.