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The medical center of priest Orione is a work led by the Sisters of the Little Missionaries of the Order of Mercy (Orionist). It includes a gynecological and obstetrics hospital and a health clinic. It is located in the Anyama municipality in the suburbs of Abidjan. In 2005, it was recognized as a health center. It is a private center specializing in maternity gynecology. The rates for medical help are very low, so that the poorest can benefit from medical care. It is beautiful that anyone who needs help can come to this place.

Sisters always emphasize that their mission is to be with the poor, therefore they make every effort to ensure that services are available to everyone regardless of the cost of treatment.
Unfortunately, the hospital’s huge problem is the lack of proper medical equipment, despite all efforts of the hardware sisters are still missing. Due to the characteristics of the hospital and the most urgent needs that the Sisters exchange, we decided to launch the INKUBATOR project. We want to take special care of the youngest and the weakest. Therefore, we ask you for help in organizing and conducting the collection for the incubator, the cost of which is 42 000 PLN, it is the highest quality equipment that can also be used in an ambulance to transport infants from nearby villages, whose parents can not afford to reach hospital.