Adoption at a distance

Adopcja na odległość

This project is based on the support of a specific child by guaranteeing him food, education and medical care. We want to meet poverty and we will try to ensure a better start to life for children and their families in a difficult financial situation. It is an act of solidarity that guarantees African children financial help that will enable them to grow personally and spiritually. Thanks to this form of help, children from disadvantaged families will have the opportunity to develop in a sense of security.

The problem of education is at the center of the efforts and efforts of all countries of the world who are aware of the fact that ensuring the right conditions for sustainable development is based mainly on knowledge. Access to education remains a real hope for a better future. However, millions of children in Africa are completely devoid of this opportunity.
That is why it is so important and important to remove all barriers that prevent access to school or to obtain vocational education for disadvantaged youth, with special consideration to orphans, street children, children with disabilities, children marked with HIV / AIDS and children with many children families.
Children’s right to education is our priority.

The duration of adoption is undefined. It lasts until the child completes the school. Children start their education at different ages, which is why there is no specific age to complete education.

Personalized adoption
The monthly cost of adoption is PLN 180 and applies to children from kindergarten, primary school, secondary, vocational and technical school. This fee is intended to support one specific child. Thanks to the project, we will be able to provide children with food, official registration – birth certificate preparation (many children are born outside hospitals and have no identity!) Medical care, medical insurance, school fees, uniforms, school supplies and textbooks, which are mandatory in every school. The person who adopts the child will receive his / her history and photo. Life in Côte d’Ivoire is very expensive, hence high fees for school, for comparison:
1 kg of rice costs about PLN 4
1 roll – PLN 3.50
1 can of milk for a child – PLN 25
1 pack of pampers – 38 PLN
1 toothpaste – PLN 9
The average earnings of a person employed on a permanent basis (full-time) is PLN 320 per month!
We are aware of the fact that the total cost of adoption is high because there is a possibility of 3 different ways to support your child:

  • PLN 60 monthly – the child has three adoptive parents
  • 90 PLN per month – the child has 2 adoptive parents
  • 180 PLN per month – the child has only one adoptive parent

Unnamed adoption
Unnamed adoption is to support the most needy child at the moment. It is the sisters who decide which child needs support. This project does not assume the allocation of a specific child. Money from unnamed adoption is spent on medicines, food, medical consultations, etc. The monthly cost of adoption is optional.

List of children waiting for adoption

List of adopted children